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Monday, August 31, 2009

March O Thon 2009 by Tiffany McKinney

On Saturday, August 29th, the Owen Valley Marching Band held a March-o-thon at the high school. For the March-o-thon band members received pledges from friends and family for each hour they march. Marching started at nine in the morning. The band members marched for ten hours. This all led up to a parent preview of this year’s show, where friends and family members got to see what the band members had accomplished so far.

The show this year is called “The Owen Valley Radio Hour.” Band and guard members, along with actors will be reenacting a 1930’s radio program. Each song is a mini episode. The actors will set the stage by telling the story and the band will perform the soundtrack to each episode. The first part of the show is a gumshoe mystery with jazz music to set the tone. This is followed by a western love story that ends with a kiss. In the last mini episode, trouble comes along as robots start attacking the earth!

March-o-thon was a successful day. The band got two-thirds of the show memorized and on the field. The pledges gathered totaled twelve hundred dollars. The Owen Valley Band would like to thank everyone who participated and gave pledges.

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