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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

OV participates in ISSMA Solo and Ensemble

Members from all levels of the band participated in Solo and Ensemble Contest on Saturday, February 8th. Results are posted below, congrats to all the hardworking performers!

7th Grade

Jacob Jost - Alto Solo - Gold

Savana Elkins - Flute Solo - Gold

Alexis Blacketer, Tia Martin, Ellen Goff, Olivia Johnson - Mixed Woodwind Quarter - Gold

8th Grade

Tristan Martin, Justin Swafford, Thomas Stoner - Mixed Brass Trio - Gold

Christian Sare - Trumpet Solo - Gold

Wade Emmert, Connor Frye, Isaiah McMurray, Grant Rosenberger - Sax Quartet - Gold Rating

Lucy Bailey - Clarinet Solo - Gold Rating


Naomi Lacy, Tori Floyd, Kylee Reed - Flute Trio - Gold

Becky Cooper, Sabrina Swank, Makayla Reppert - Mixed Woodwind Trio - Gold

Becky Cooper - Alto Clarinet Solo - Silver Rating

Landon Jackson - Tenor Saxophone Solo - Silver Rating

Cassie Wood - Alto Solo - Gold Rating

Cassie Wood - Violin Solo - Gold Rating

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