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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Students Participate in District Solo and Ensemble

Solo and Ensemble events are opportunities for students to perform either solos (often with piano accompaniment) or in groups of three or more. The small and individualized nature of this event makes it different than every other event sponsored by the state school music association which is composed of mostly large group contests (marching band, concert band, and jazz band). The Solo and Ensemble Contest for our area was hosted at Bloomington High School North on Saturday, February 3rd. Each solo and ensemble is assigned a five minute time to play before a judge starting as early as 8:30 AM to around 3:30 PM. Each performance is put into one of five categories called groups with Group V being for beginning first year students through Group I for the most advanced students playing college level material. Each judge receives a copy of the music being played so they can follow along and evaluate students on intonation, tone quality and blend, articulation and tonguing, note accuracy, rhythmic accuracy, interpretation and musicianship, dynamics, balance and blend, and other factors. In each category students receive a score from one to four with one being the best score in a particular category and four being the worst. These are added up in each category and then a rating (gold, silver, bronze, and participation) is given based on the score achieved. Students receive a medal to show how well they performed. Students that attain a gold rating for a Group I solo are than invited to participate in the State Solo and Ensemble Contest held at North Central High School on Saturday, February 24th.

The following high school students participated in the event:

Rebecca Terry (Solo)
Olivia Johnson (Solo and Ensemble)
Lex Barrett (Ensemble)
Tia Martin (Solo and Ensemble)
Dylan Parrish (Solo and Ensemble)
Anthony Merz (Solo and Ensemble)
Damon Chapman (Ensemble)
Draven Swank (Ensemble)
Autumn Parsons (Solo and Ensemble)
Alizabeth Schooley (Ensemble)
Chloe Coryea (Solo and Ensemble)
Nick Wrightsman (Ensemble)
Maddie Guy (Ensemble)
Connor Rogers (Ensemble)
Heather Dutt (Ensemble)
Stewart Johnson (Solo)
Madison Shields (Ensemble)
Andrew Heaton (Ensemble)
Christian Johnson (Solo and Ensemble)
Travis Floyd (Solo and Ensemble)
Logan Eaker (Ensemble)
Paige Mancourt (Solo and Ensemble)
Natalie Lineweaver (Solo)
Marjorie Abrell (Ensemble)

The following students received a gold rating on their Group I solo and/or ensemble:

Lex Barrett, Olivia Johnson, and Tia Martin, Woodwind Trio
Olivia Johnson, Clarinet Solo
Christian Johnson, Trumpet Solo
Travis Floyd, Bass Trombone Solo
Marjorie Abrell, Chloe Coryea, Travis Floyd, Christian Johnson, and Paige Mancourt, Brass Quintet
Anthony Merz, Xylophone Solo
Stewart Johnson, Snare Drum Solo
Nick Wrightsman, Maddie Guy, Heather Dutt, and Connor Rogers, Mallet Quartet

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